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This Bonkers Tri-Wing Jumbo Jet Concept Reduces Fuel Consumption by 70%

Airliners haven’t traditionally been a lightning rod for innovation. Commercial wide-body planes haven’t changed all that much over the last few decades. But amid an industrywide push to reduce carbon emissions, a bonkers new jumbo jet concept is aiming to change that. ( More...

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ToddBaldwin3 1
Bonkers is right.
emkostiuk 1
Nice concept, but drone technology will replace the short haulers especially with rural Airports leading in a major hub. Case in point is many small towns in Texas / Oklahoma where drones would be perfect for short hops.
jmilleratp 1
Bonus points for using the word "bonkers"!
Too radical, better off looking at a delta configuration. Next Generations must be supersonic and drone technology short haul. Finally not more passanger but more passanger space, all seat must be Business class or larger no more middle seats anywhere over US Skies.


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