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Wakefield man recounts moment door flew off plane during takeoff

A Wakefield, Michigan man plans to take his concerns to the Gogebic County Board after he says an emergency exit door ripped off a plane just moments before his flight from Minneapolis to Ironwood, MI was about to take off Wednesday. Tom Yon said he was seated just feet from the door on what he described as a small, 8-person plane flown by Boutique Airlines, a private aircraft company. "We were just about to take off, probably going I don't know 100 miles per hour and the door just… ( More...

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Michael Stansfield 4
What will the members of an elected county government do about a mechanical failure on an aircraft? Seems to me if you have real concerns you would take them up with the airline in question, the NTSB, and Pilatus.
Robert Cowling 2
It sure seems odd, doesn't it. Unless Boutique Airlines is related to the Gogebic county board somehow, what is the board going to do? The airport is in Gogebic county, but still...

Is he looking for them to penalize the company somehow? I'm not sure that's how that works.

But still, WOW! That will wake you up for sure. Yikes... If it was a maintenance issue, the FAA, and state would be the ones to take any action against them, not the county board, most likely. I suppose if it's a county owned airport, they might try to ban the company from using it, but that seems like a reach. Hmm...
Bryan Nethery 3
What's even more strange is this incident (according to the news article) happened in Minneapolis, which isn't even in the same state as this county board. The destination airport (KIWD) is the county airport and Boutique is featured prominently on their website (, but that's mostly irrelevant if the incident happened elsewhere.
Robert Cowling 0
Apparently not any more.

They are pulling out, and fired the two pilots. Oops...
jptq63 2
Picture shown seems similar to the image (under -- LUXURY --) of the PC-12 on their webpage; a bit ironic only I hope.


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