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Comlux 787 Performs 20 Hour Flight As Part Of Mystery Globetrotting Tour

Over the past month, eagle-eyed aviation enthusiasts spotted a very busy private Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner performing flights across the globe, with one of them being over 20 hours long. ( More...

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Greg S 16
"Piñeyro has a wide range of talents under his belt, working as an actor, film producer and director. He is also a pilot, air crash analyst and aeronautical physician. He is qualified to fly the Saab 340, Boeing 737 and Boeing 787."

Looks like Enrique Piñeyro is a candidate for the Most Interesting Man in the World.
Rico van Dijk 2
Here’s my guess: he’s shooting a film about covid and filming empty streets in metropolis cities around the globe or something. Interesting stuff!
jptq63 1
The flight paths made me initially think of some low orbit patterns; perhaps chasing something… ISS? X-37B?


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