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Amazon Spends $131 Million for Stake in Cargo Airline ATSG

Submitted Inc. has scooped up a minority stake in a cargo airline that operates a portion of its fast-growing air-cargo division, the latest sign of the retailer’s long-term ambitions to expand its air-freight operations. ( More...

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ADXbear 4
Billybob, stop the spam protest!
Anyone over 250 lbs. should be banned from commercial flight unless they purchase 2 seats.
Roy Hunte 1
Your days on Flightaware are numbered. Reported....
Why? Because I am protesting being crushed into a 17 inch seat beside a 400 pounder? A number of airlines already require big passengers to purchase extra space. So my comment reflects that. How is that reportable?
Mike Bogue 2
Maybe because you're posting your protest in response to an article about Amazon and air cargo? Can you spell S P A M ?


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