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Israel Signs for Boeing KC-46 Tankers

Israel’s Ministry of Defence (IMOD) has signed a Letter of Acceptance covering the purchase of two Boeing KC-46 tanker/transports, becoming the type's second export customer after Japan. The announcement follows recent parliamentary approval for the acquisition of a number of new aircraft for the Israeli Air Force (IAF). In the same announcement, the IMOD confirmed that it is now pursuing the purchase of further Lockheed Martin F-35I Adir fighters—in addition to the 50 it has currently… ( More...

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patrick baker 1
The Israelies purchase american military aircraft- A-5, F-16, F-15, F-35 and leave the exteriors just as they purchased them. The indigenous equipment installed in Israel is what i find interesting, for once the israeli modifiers fiinish, the aircraft works better than advertised. Hmm.... Perhaps whatever is done to the KC-46's, Boeing should do likewise to each one comming off the lines in Washington state, then the aircraft would work properly finally, and be worth flying and buying.' without perpetual hiccups...


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