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Brace Yourself: Long-Haul Travel May Not Get Going Until 2023

As coronavirus vaccines started rolling out late last year, there was a palpable sense of excitement. People began browsing travel websites and airlines grew optimistic about flying again. Ryanair Holdings Plc even launched a “Jab & Go” campaign alongside images of 20-somethings on holiday, drinks in hand. It’s not working out that way. ( More...

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Scott Tillman 3
Sadly too many still believe the virus is a hoax and 99.9% have only mild to moderate symptoms. Tell that to those who lost loved ones and friends.
It’s real. Get vaccinated as soon as you can think twice about jetting off of not absolute necessary. Save a life. It might be your own.
matt jensen 2
You can take the vaccine for me
s s 3
Don't worry, the ruling "elite" class is still getting everywhere they need to be!

Even with the dreaded virus (that over 99% of the people who get it have mild to moderate symptoms or no symptoms at all) our fearless leaders and beloved celebs will be jetting off to gourmet meals around the globe.
Robert Cowling 3
Hey, let's ignore the virus, and totally ignore that it WANTS to spread, it WANTS to infect people, it WANTS to consume you, it WANTS to mutate. It WANTS to get that mortality number up. Nature and history says: It HAS to spread. It HAS to mutate. It HAS to infect. It WILL SPREAD, and it LIVES off ignorance.

This virus is NOT messing around. The longer it's able to run free, it WILL get harder to get rid of. It has already gotten easier to spread and as a result deadlier. The virus wants to kill. Why make it easier?

I won't fly until I can test safe for antibodies, and will not travel to an area where Covid variants are present. And I wear a mask, and occasionally goggles and gloves. I WANT to survive this and not end up contributing to the spread, and getting sick and/or having life long side-effects, or dying.
matt jensen 2
Ask Faucci why it's still spreading
Sam Ledeeman 1
I did and you are welcome


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