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US DOT approves planned American-JetBlue partnership

WASHINGTON D.C — JetBlue Airways and American Airlines have announced that their strategic alliance is moving ahead following review by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Both carriers will begin implementing key aspects of this innovative and customer-focused alliance in phases, offering more seamless connectivity and better travel choices on routes to and from New York (JFK, LGA, and EWR) and Boston (BOS). The carriers also expect this alliance will accelerate each airline’s recovery from… ( More...

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Mel Globerman 6
Is this just another way to reduce competition that will result in higher fares to the public?
randy everett 6
The article says "....American Airlines.." and "customer-focused.." in the same sentence. That's funny.
Chris B 9
One step away from Jetblue selling out to an inferior business.
Josie Rojas 3
...and their passengers!
saso792 4
Just another way for AA to take jobs and hours away from current AA employees. I don't know why AA hates their employees and stockholders so much.
wideglide21 4
Robert Crandles legacy.


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