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Video: Rioter Sobs As He Finds Out He's On No-Fly List

He just learned he's on the no-fly list after his group stormed the U.S. Capitol. He's not happy. ( More...

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Andy Cruickshank 9
I have wondered how those who flew in are getting home if they live a long distance from DC. Greyhound maybe?
jim sisti 15
Sorry snowflake, there is a price you have to pay for being a traitor and attempting a coup. Actually, I am surprised you are free and walking about. In my state, if you are involved in a criminal act and a death occurs as a result,you are brought up on murder charges, whether it was by your own hand or just by being a member of the crime. And in case, in your delusional state, you are not aware, bashing a Federal cop in the head and causing death is a very, very big crime. Traitors used to be rounded up and shot immediately. Be greatful you,unlike that poor policeman, are still able to exist. Walk home.
jim sisti 3
So, the narrative is a bit off it seems. He was NOT on a no fly list,somewhere it got added in retweets. He WAS refusing to wear a face mask and was loud and agitated, and the airline denied him a seat on that flight. Good for the airline! A guy this unhinged has no place at 37,000 feet on a 5 hour flight.
patrick baker 10
people, like this genius, will have time now in their furture domestic travel times to perhaps read the constitution, perhaps some commentaries on citizenship, and have a longer, relaxing trip withwhich to ponder their obligations to the rest of us ( uncomplaining mask compliance), social distancing, hand washing along to go with this fetid case of hand wringing. Bus travel and/or train travel is now their options, and we are well rid of him and his fellows. boo hoo......
17dec1903 1
Are starving spiders on a "no-fly" list?

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Wolfgang Prigge 9
I doubt he got his place on the no-fly list because of the riot at the Capitol, it is more likely he got it for his behaviour on his flight to Washington.
Greg S 5
Good guess, he sounds drunk in the video too.
jeff slack 1
You obviously do not read; stolen property, graffiti, smashed windows and masonry. Human excrement smeared on walls and left in hallways and pipe bombs left behind. Free Pass? You poor deluded redneck.
Silent Bob 0
You obviously do not read; he was saying one side has been rioting for 9 months now and so far haven't been placed on any no-fly lists. If rioting is bad then rioting is bad. It can't only be bad when one particular ideology does it.
patrick baker -2
astonsihingly ignorant reply to the theme of this squawk. I bet your airplane, assuming you are able to fly one, cannot fly straight and level, somehow it tilts to the right, flies in right-hand 360. never able to stay on course.
Highflyer1950 2
Good one, Pat.
Andy Cruickshank -5
Can you document that no BLM or Antifa people were put on the no fly list? I take that you are condoning the acts of this suspected rioter.
Silent Bob 3
Can you document that any were? Cause if they were it sure wasn't reported by the mainstream media. And no sane person is condoning the Capitol riot, but it's perfectly fair to point out the hypocrisy that many on the "left" were literally cheering on and encouraging BLM/Antifa riots.
Greg S -1
You think that someone who breaks a window at a federal building should be put on the no-fly list? Or is it just because his opinion is different than yours?
17dec1903 11
I would hardly characterize what the rioters last week did as "breaks a window at a federal building." That's like saying the BLM protests were just a couple of kids "breaking a window at a store." If you participate in trying to take the seat of the legislative branch by force, the penalty should be MUCH MORE SEVERE than showing up on a no-fly list.

On an unrelated note: Are starving spiders also on a no-fly list?


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