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FlightAware Begins Releasing Software As Open Source

FlightAware is a proud user and supporter of open source software projects. Not only does FlightAware support open source projects that power FlightAware, but we actively releases & maintain new open source projects that are public releases of software that FlightAware has developed in-house. FlightAware's code is released under the liberal New BSD license, which allows free use & distribution by all. ( More...

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vincentvan 0
My hat is off to all at FlightAware! I'm hooked on this site for good reason.
Fuzzyjets 0
are you sure that you don't want to Patent this idea ?
Just one more reason why FlightAware is the best there is.
Robert March 0
Congratulations to FlightAware supporting open source. This is the way forward - opening up choice for all computer users the world over and release from the crippling effects of "vendor lock in". Thank you FlightAware.
sseeplane 0
Jack Metcalf 0
FlightAware is Awesome!
Hafeni Dave 0
Congratulations! Flight safety information should be easily accessible and distributed as widely. Bravo
Dave Davis 0
My company licenses its erp software for k12 and local government software as open source. A great and courageous decision by the team at FlightAware!! Keep up the good work and wish you the best of success at all you put your hands to do.


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