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Pilot may have been attempting aerobatics when crashed in Groton, SD.

The pilot died and his wife was hospitalized. This was at a Fly In/Drive In event. He was flying a 1997 American Champion 8KCAB ( More...

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brock55 2
I like the comment that is was badly damaged due to the crash.
Bob Kamman 1
"prior to hitting with the ground" -- Not many journalists left in South Dakota, and that's how they write.
Jeff Brenton 1
News article was updated to say the wife died at the hospital.
Robert Cowling -1
A bold pilot. Did he get a Darwin Award?

My mom knew a woman that was an acrobatic pilot. She said that there are days when there are no acrobatics. The pilot has to have the 'balls' to say 'No, no flying today' to a group of people that paid you to fly. She loved flying acrobatically, but said she loved life more. Telling people they won't get that experience is hard, but being the one to auger on a questionable day? People will remember that, but not for how great the performance was.

But anyway...

Flight acrobatics are VERY dangerous. Blue Angels have crashed into the ground because they were watching the planes around them to not hit them, and flown into the ground. Only pros should do acrobatics. But it's sad. Was he showing off for his wife? Sad...


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