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Ukraine International Airlines plans New York regular service resumption in Dec 2020

Ukraine International Airlines in recent schedule update plans to resume regular scheduled service to New York during winter season. Current schedule and reservation list the airline to operate Kyiv Borispil – Reykjavik Keflavik – New York JFK routing, on board Boeing 737-900ER aircraft. The twice weekly flights to operate form 09DEC20, and it does not have traffic rights for Reykjavik on PS231/232. PS231 KBP1000 – 1315KEF1415 – 1535JFK 73J 37 PS232 JFK2210 – 0840+1KEF0940+1 – 1630+1KBP 73J 37 ( More...

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Highflyer1950 1
Not to be too picky but BIRK (Reykjavik) is only 5100’ long, while BIKF (Keflavik) is 10,000’ or so, but yes a tech stop none the less. Pretty quick turn arounds there.


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