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Boeing, FAA Grapple With a Fourth 787 Dreamliner Production Flaw

Boeing Co BA.N said late on Thursday it was in discussions with U.S. safety regulators about a manufacturing issue found last year in its 787 Dreamliner. ( More...

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Robert Cowling -4
Another one? I guess we should be glad they aren't selling food. 'Well, we killed another 300 people today, so we are doing GREAT! Champagne for everyone!!!'

Boeing sounds like they need a whole lobotomy, and a brain transplant. They need to full stop all manufacturing, and from top down, and bottom up, they need to look, raw, at everything! Management, under management, under under management, under under under management, and the big stinking turd: Employee moral. Happy employees are effective empolyes and they work FOR the clients and FOR their passengers. They take PRIDE in working for the corporation, and TAKE PRIDE int heir work. Treat them like moneys, and they act like monkeys.

I worked at a company that assembled wire harnesses and modules for Ford, and the management of the plant really sucked. They went out of business within a year after I quit.

Treat people like human beings, and they work FOR the company, they feel part of the company. Treat them like crap, and they will stab the corporation in the back, and won't give a shit about the product they are building, just like the corporation that devalues them. And I'm sure this also extends to the engineers too.

Boeing is an accident waiting to happen, AGAIN!
Geoff Rowe 3
What part of what Robert said do you think is wrong?

I’ve seen many situations where management has been dumb, treated people like moveable bodies and those organizations have been badly affected. Unfortunately those management people have never had to pay a price for their poor behavior.
Greg S 1
You can't be serious. There is essentially no information about any aspect of this "flaw". In particular, we have no clue how serious it is, how expensive it will be to fix, or even if a fix is needed. And Robert has developed an entire storyline around this complete absence of information. Robert typically is a one-trick pony: everything bad that happens, from bad weather to earthquakes to accidents is Trump's fault. If two planes collide in mid-air it's Trump's fault. Robert is one of those people who just loves the look of his own words and probably loves the sound of his voice.
Geoff Rowe 3
You’re not denying the existing flaws though, right? We already know enough that Boeing is, again, going through some serious work ethic/culture issues so it isn’t a stretch to believe that something else is wrong.
Greg S 2
What *might* be true is irrelevant. What is true is that Boeing has made great, safe, airplanes since the dawn of commercial jet transport and still does so today. That doesn't mean we give them a mulligan for the MAX disaster or anything else, but the MAX is not the totality of Boeing's history. Assuming that every issue that is reported in the media is evidence of another MAX-like debacle is unjustified. Skepticism is warranted and healthy, but Robert's comment has no basis in fact, it's a vicious smear based on nothing except Robert's delusions.
Greg S 3
You are an idiot.
godutch 0
I second that. Robert, you ARE an idiot.
John Atherton 0
It's thinking like this that has the whole country in turmoil.


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