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United Airlines Announces International Route Expansion

United Airlines will add seven new routes from ORD, EWR, SFO, and IAD. EWR-DEL and SFO-BLR are new routes to India; New flights to Africa include EWR-JNB, IAD-ACC, and IAD-LOS. From Newark and Chicago, new routes were also added to Hawaii. ( More...

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Tom Bruce 3
must know something? requests for reservations up???
Bob Wolff 1
Cold comfort to the 3,000 people losing their United jobs.
mary susan watkins 1
the question remains,will there be enough passengers flying to make these markets profitable???
Robert Cowling 0
I'm going with 'No!'.

I've got hundreds of thousands of Untied miles, and I'd actually rather let them expire than use them to fly on that airline.
Robert Cowling -4
'Tone deaf airline increases routes to areas of the planet with increasing numbers of COVID infections'

darjr26 1
Don’t forget Ebola.
user3956 1
and HIV/AIDS if we're going to 'go there'...
Robert Cowling 0
Herpes? HPV? MAGA is a brain wasting virus too. It's been proven!

If television is the 'opiate of the masses', reality TV is the crystal meth of the masses for sure. Hands down!
Robert Cowling 0
Oh, come on, if you are going to try to slam me, show some style! Marburg! Use your imagination. Good grief.


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