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Aeronca Emergency landing on I-40 in North Carolina

As has frequently been said, any landing you walk away from is a good one! ( More...

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Paul Wisgerhof 2
That one may not fly again.
sparkie624 1
Very repairable.... A little Duct tape and Elmers Glue... will be good in a week.... Was considerate of him to move it off the interstate and not block traffic.
Mark Harris 1
And parked it neatly off the carriageway!
sparkie624 1
parked yes... Neatly... Could use a little improvement in that part!
dmanuel 1
Ah, did not see motorists stopping to render aid or provide a traffic break. Seeing the pilot walking around is not a definite indicator that all is well with him or if passengers were involved. Of course, my perception of actions to take may be jaded because I volunteer (EMT) with the county Rescue Squad.
bentwing60 2
Thank you for your service!

The average Airknocker won't fly much faster than the average bal%s to the wall car will go these days and will land at a much slower speed than average ATL loop traffic. He fit right in and apparently 'walked away'. Another sobering but non NTSB report GA event.

Thank you.
I was interested that the black SUV on the right did not seem to slow down at all as he was trying to land to create more room. The SUV stopped once the airplane landed and was "parked"
I would be slowing traffic and staying well back wihtout knowledge of fuel load and fire potential.


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