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FAA Issues Emergency Inspection Order for 737s Due to Engine Shutdown Issue

The top U.S. aviation regulator issued an emergency order requiring operators of the Boeing 737 passenger jet to inspect and potentially replace a key engine component, following four reports of unexpected engine shutdowns. ( More...

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Chris B 2
linbb 3
Intresting for sure as what other engines use this valve control system? Would think its on more than just engines used on the 737.
F A 1
5th stage bleed valve stuck open? I'm guessing its a problem for only those CFMs designed for the 737.

It's the -3 and -7, I think. Someone double check me pls.
G Aldridge 3
PER the EAD it's 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 700C, 800, 900 and 900ER



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