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Ryanair set to close German bases after pilots reject pay deal

Ryanair is to close its base at Frankfurt Hahn Airport, and bases at Berlin Tegel and Duesseldorf airports are likely to shut down at the end of the summer after German pilots rejected proposed pay cuts, the Irish airline said on Tuesday. ( More...

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patrick baker 7
Is less money better than no money? even from a rotten company as Ryanair, their checks don't bounce.
To an extent it might be. If your company opted to pay you less than you could make flipping burgers, no money is better than less money since the opportunity cost makes it not worth it.
Brent Lee 1
Good for them. Malcontents should be shown the door & smart companies don’t let the tail wag the dog.
Richard Loven 1
What a time to go on strike.


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