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Leaked memo reveals JetBlue will layoff staff on October 1, with employees who voluntarily quit getting up to 9 years free travel

JetBlue is planning to scale back its in-house workforce by outsourcing positions at smaller airports, known as outstations, according to a leaked email viewed by Business Insider. ( More...

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Shadowstarz 13
I hate Business insider. Can't read their stuff unless you subscribe.
Toni Saunders 1
You can read it here
Highflyer1950 9
If they are no longer employees, will JetBlue 1099 them or book the travel against as some sort of expense to reduce tax payable to the IRS. Maybe the ex-employee will have to report the travel as a taxable perk?
ADXbear 9
Flight bennies are worthless.. as an employee, dispatcher, it was near impossibke to even commute. To vacation was just not doable unless we bought a ticket..

Thats was all pre virus.. now would be just stupid..
Chris B 7
Sounds more like a prelude to cutting down routes to airports with limited demand and low profitability.

Which would make free travel to those local employees pretty worthless
furloughs, base closings, fleet groundings, lease returns, this time it will be deep, long, and everyone regardless of seniority will be effected.
Free air travel, only if they are still in business in those 9 years. Yikes...
I briefly dated someone whose father worked at NorthWest. They got to 'fly free' on NorthWest planes, but it was probably worse than flying standby. They did get a jump seat flight to Europe, but on the way back had to stay a few extra days until they could get a seat for the return. Hardships, right? That's something that wouldn't happen even on a dare now. Ahh, the days of innocence...
Jasper Buck 3
Having been a Northwest pilot for years I can tell you, with a great deal of certainty, that Northwest does put their "non-revs" on the jumpseat. That seat is kept open for FAA Safety Inspectors, NTSB accident investigators, company check airman, training captains, ATC, and law enforcement. in that order. It is not used to transport company employees or retirees who are using their travel benefits. That said using a travel perk is not free. There are taxes and fees to be paid and it's hard to get a seat in any class especially during peak periods. Flights are (or were) booked round trip and cancelling the return trip to spend a few extra days in a particular spot might cause you to have to spend more time than you bargained for. That's Northwest, I can't speak to Delta, United, American, etc.

James Simms 1
Not any different than traveling ‘Space-A’ for military personnel & retirees on MAC flights.
Frank May 6
I’ve flown JetBlue; why punish those people for nine years?
dkroutil 2 is a link to the memo. Does not have all of the details, but gives a high level.
Michael Meyers -7
How’s that MAGA working out for you now?
comicpilot 3
Yes.. Cuz this was Trump's fault.


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