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WoW Air Becomes Cargo Airline

WoW Air has a new plan for operations, now becoming a Cargo Airline based in Martinsburg, West Virginia (unknown if aircraft operations will be based out of KMRB) with a 100,000 square foot warehouse facility as well as office space... only time will tell if this new attempt will be successful... ( More...

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Jeff Coghill 4
So they’ll treat their boxes like their passengers? (WoW Air survivor).
Dennis Roper 4
But always remember, Packages don't complain about the flight or landing.
D.B. Warren 1
That's the part of me that misses working on the ramp for passenger flights and working for cargo planes... bags and boxes don't talk back or complain...
Graeme Smith 3
Wow! (Sorry - couldn't resist)
Pat Lollis 1
Will there social distancing? They probably won't need to check the packages temperatures.


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