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Alaska Forestry plane crashes near Aniak; all survive

A State of Alaska Division of Forestry plane with four people on board crashed shortly after takeoff in the Western Alaska community of Aniak Thursday at 3:43 pm local time, a Forestry spokesperson said. The plane came to rest in a shallow body of water near the runway. The pilot, Mark Jordan and three other passengers were all Medevaced to Anchorage with non-life threatening injuries. The plane was a state-owned Air Commander 500. ( More...

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Michael Stansfield 3
Glad that nobody was killed or sustained life threatening injuries.
linbb 2
This type of Aero Comander has mis fueling problems even Bob Hoover had his fueled with Jet A.
chalet 1
This aircraft did not have fueling problems, it was the pilot's responsibility to watch the refueling
to make sure that they pumped the right kind of fuel.


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