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United Airlines Wants Back Into China But Regulatory Hurdles Remain

United Airlines wants to resume passengers flights to China as soon as next month but is waiting on governments in Beijing and Washington, D.C. to allow it, an executive told employees Thursday during a virtual town hall meeting. In early February, United suspended flights to its four China destinations — Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing and Hong Kong — just before the Trump Administration banned many foreign nationals from visiting the United States, if they recently had visited China. Since then,… ( More...

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Doug DeNunzio 1
possibly that metro north service resumes tomorrow depending on outcome of the hearing
I always thought that China would be an interesting place to visit. I'm glad they are trying to resume flying, but they sure as hell better be doing a better job of trying not to spread this around anymore.
Tom Pera 0
China has a new outbreak
william baker 2
Where did you hear that?
It's rising here in America (Trumpistan?) now.

Several states are seeing spikes in cases, and one state was actually caught back dating cases, and 'sorting by numbers of infected' to put all the newer cases in the past to 'prove' that they are not having as many cases. Researchers saw what they were doing, and had a fit! But the 'fake news' media (Fox News) won't tell you that states aren't accurately counting the dead, they are 'massaging the numbers', and LYING to everyone!

They want a huge body count to stop the elections! The president wants another 'deferment' so save his butt.

Do you want to die to save his butt? I don't. And I don't want you doing it either, but it's your choice.
Tom Pera 0
all over the news


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