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Longview Halts Dash 8-400, Twin Otter 400 Production

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada and Viking Air on Friday suspended their respective production of the Dash 8-400 regional turboprop in Toronto and Twin Otter Series 400 in Victoria, B.C., and Calgary until further notice, as parent company Longview Aviation Capital addresses the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. Longview said the move would affect 800 De Havilland employees, or 65 percent of the Toronto workforce, and 180 Viking employees, or 40 percent of that Western Canadian workforce. ( More...

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Dan Chiasson 9
Ripple effects such as this could not even have been imagined a month ago. Health to all. Self-quarantine as much as possible. Be gracious and DO NOT HOARD.
pilotjag 1
Another great article...


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