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BAE Systems Solar-powered electric aircraft

BAE Systems has developed a solar-powered electric aircraft, PHASA-35, which is designed to operate unmanned in the stratosphere. The craft could stay aloft for up to one year, potentially offering an alternative to satellites. ( More...

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Leo Cotnoir 1
We've come a long ways from the early 2000s when the BAE Systems VP I worked for told me that there was no point in pursuing opportunities in UAV flight controls because they would never amount to anything.
skylab72 1
The technology is "offering an alternative to satellites." Any civilian satellite application could look into this as an ROI improvement...
Chris B 1
BAE systems is a major military supplier. So you can guess who is going to be buying these.
Pecos Llama 2
The military?
bentwing60 4
Who do you think paid for the research!
Pecos Llama 1
The UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and Australian Defence Science and Technology Group.
bentwing60 0
NATO, hence the US.
Robert Cowling 0
Trump/Putin hate NATO, so it's more likely that others are paying for it, and he will try to claim he did it.
bartmiller 0
There are some very interesting disaster relief scenarios where these new aircraft could be quite beneficial.


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