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Mitsubishi Aircraft completes maiden flight with first Japanese GTF engine

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation announced today the completion of the company’s Flight Test Aircraft 1 (FTA1)’s maiden flight with its first Pratt & Whitney GTF PW1200G engine assembled in Japan. ( More...

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djames225 3
I think you posted the wrong link, Enrique. This 1 does work, however.
djames225 1
I wonder if the Japan built edition of P&W GTF's will have similar issues, or did Mitsubishi Aero Engines work the bugs out.
Roger Anderson 1
I love how people are blindly upvoting this post and it clearly links to the administration end of the website which we can't read.
bentwing60 1
You are breakin' the code. It's not an isolated incident!
btweston 1
Clearly a conspiracy.


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