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Airbus Reveals its ‘MAVERIC’ Blended Wing Aircraft Demonstrator

Airbus has revealed MAVERIC (Model Aircraft for Validation and Experimentation of Robust Innovative Controls), its “blended wing body” scale model technological demonstrator. ( More...

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donhun1313 8
Seem to remember that with no windows, most passengers suffer from motion sickness. Big part of what killed the BWB design when NASA and Boeing were experimenting with them years ago.
You can place windows on the side if the cabin is large. Else, you can place windows on the top.
In the worst case, you can still place lights & screens that simulate the horizon to fight motion sickness.
Shean Monahan 4
I fly for the fun of flying and most of the lure is the view out the window. I won't be flying if I can't enjoy the trip. Could you imagine driving cross country with no windows? Who wants that?
airuphere 2
There is a video in YouTube about this, and they have digital camera “windows”.. but check out the buffeting in the wind tunnel.. looks like some RC guys finally got a call up haha
john doe 4
Marketing department spent many sleepless nights finagling that acronym...
If they want to design a lifting fuselage without all the drawbacks of the BWB (stability, structures, passenger comfort, egress) they should look into the MITs Eco Demonstrator. It integrates the conventional tube and wing and improved aerodynamics.

Agree with the comments, really poor show by Airbus to stimulate interest. Already studied by all the major US Aero manufacturers. And look at the windows, is this meant to be an IMAX theater? Joke
where are the windows ?
Mark Weiser 2
Anyone ever hear of Hermann Goering? The Luftwaffe had a design concept that I saw in a very well done documentary several years ago, not feasible then, why now? Looks like a soc media attention grabber (attempt)
My understanding, from speaking to some Airbus people many years ago, is that another killer for this concept is that you can't do "families". You can make a tube longer or shorter, but with this planform it's a new aircraft every time.
Also, if you make a BWB with the same wingspan than an A321 (for example), then your cabin's length will be shorter.

If you make a BWB based on the 321's length, then the wingspan will be longer.
I haven’t done the maths but I expect there will be a critical size where a BWB may be better than a conventional configuration, and perhaps when more space is needed for batteries than kerosene. Even then you may still be looking at something A380 sized and the market for that is unlikely to cover the development costs.
No Windows, no fun .... Whats the essence of Flying .... safety frist for a reasonable price.
chalet 2
This manta ray-like design is old as western civilization. Has Airbus ever heard of what claustrofobia. Unless they bring in the NBA to shoot some hoops during 10-15 hour long flights, fat chance (joke)
bentwing60 4
Relax guy's, their just tryin' to figure out how to make a buck off those unused 380 horizontal stabs.
bentwing, you win the comments!
airuphere 3
If airbus designs a new cup holder, hopefully not on the center console, MH370 will tell us about it.
cowboybob 1
Boeing X48B flew a 100+ flights with an ~8%(?) scale (wingspan ~20-22' as I recall) BWB RPV in 2007-08. Great promise and the numbers make sense...does it scale, I don't recall what the planned next steps were to show that. It's been in mothballs for over 10 years now but who knows what goes on in the catacombs.

I believe the most logical first step was a freighter to not deal with the passenger comfort things mentioned here which are valid. My recollection is that estimates were 50% more payload for a 30% reduction in fuel...don't quote me on that as that is totally off the cuff of my memory. But that's a Huge deal if it is anywhere in the ballpark. So don't be too quick to dismiss. There was also some thought that there might be some noise reduction configurations that were worthwhile. And think about a folding wingtip that would allow cargo loading with a forklift into a tractor trailer type cargo bay...Big increases in loading efficiency.

Unlike Airbus, Boeing did their program in relative secrecy because they obviously felt they didn't need the publicity...this is more marketing than anything cutting edge new. Paint it green and it'll be a winner.

FYI, there have been studies to deal with the passenger comfort issues such as blanking off windows and replacing with a screen using the same view picture...that's a reasonable solution it seems. Will people fly it? I think for the right price, people will try most anything.
paul gilpin 1
boring bought aurora a couple of years ago to kill the innovative design D-8.
skylab72 1
Close to a hundred years ago, Vincent Burnelli patented what he called the "lifting body" aircraft design concept, from which all so-called "blended wing-body" designs are derived. To see Vincent's designs Google-image Burnelli with RB-1 for the plane used for the original patent, or with CBY-3, for a DC-3 class airliner.
Boeing beat them to this, along with NASA about a decade ago. The most pressing issue with a BWB for passengers ins the mount of movement (positive and negative g's) for passengers seated on the outer positions.
Not sure why this got down voted.

On a normal tube aircraft one is rarely more than 6 ft off of the roll axis. With a blended wing one cold easily be 20ft off the axis.

As for. windows on the last flight I was on flying north /south NYC to Caribbean most of the window shutters were down so people could watch their movies without sun glare.
You could simply turn slower, IF you don't have to land between mountains.
Boeing did it first with the X-48C.....13 years ago to be exact.
skylab72 1
Not even close to "first"! Close to a hundred years ago, Vincent Burnelli patented what he called the "lifting body" aircraft design concept, from which all so-called "blended wing-body" designs are derived. To see Vincent's designs Google-image Burnelli with RB-1 for the plane used for the original patent, or with CBY-3, for a DC-3 class airliner.
Hans Hondema 0
Nothing new. TU Delft and KLM presented a blended wing in 2018. A 3 mtr scale model already flying. It wil be 20% more fuel efficiënt as the A 350, carrying around 350 pax.


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