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17-Year-Old Girl Crashes King Air After Joyride

The 1979 Beechcraft King Air 200 was substantially damaged after a girl gained access to the general aviation area at Fresno Yosemite International Airport, somehow managed to start one of the turboprop's engines, and propel it into a fence and a building. ( More...

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matt jensen 5
old news happened last month
Chris B 2
duplicate squark
Jim Dollan 1
This happened on Dec 19th last year and FlightAware Morning Aviation News & Photo Newsletter posted it in this morning's (07 Jan 2020. I said last week this news sheet is going downhill it is now going backwards as well. Get your act together people, we are looking for NEW NEWS , not OLD news.
linbb -5
Ya gotta be kidding to post this now what a troll must be a slow day at work for him duh.


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