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Passengers On United Flight Report Seeing Smoke And Sparks During Landing At DIA

A United Airlines flight from New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport had a rough landing at Denver International Airport Sunday night. Passenger Crystal Lowe said it appeared to be a problem with the landing gear and captured video of what looks like smoke. Some passengers said they saw sparks on the runway. ( More...

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John Mitchell 3
Denver International Airport is its official name; however, its ICAO designator is KDEN. When Stapleton airport closed, Denver International airport opened and the designator transferred to it. Most of the time, when a city builds a new airport, the old airport remains open so the new one has a different designator. Colorado residents have called the new airport DIA all along.
Jack May 2
Local news sources (this report was from the local CBS affiliate) sometimes use the abbreviation for the airport name rather than the IATA code. DIA is a prime example as is the local Orlando use of OIA for Orlando International Airport.
Rob Palmer 1
I thought they might be referring to IAD (International Airport at Dulles) in Washington D.C. Thanks.
If I remember right, they were calling the new airport DIA while it was under construction to differentiate it from the still-operating KDEN at Stapleton. When Stapleton closed, the new airport formally became KDEN, but the old informal DIA name kinda stuck around.
Karl Nicholls 0
Denver International Airport - DIA - it’s the name of the airport.
darjr26 1
There usually is a mechanical issue after you land so hard you snap off the main landing gear.


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