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A Swarm of 800 Drones Creates Giant Airplanes in the Sky

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its 800 drones coming together to light up the sky in massive shapes of airplanes and helicopters. (video) ( More...

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SmokedChops 2
whoa. That is very cool!!
ian mcdonell 1
Incredible technology in use
Frank Harvey 0
So they've demonstrated the capability to send out swarms of independently (self) controlled mini-formations simultaneously.

How many targets can Aegis handle at a time ? How much explosive is needed to disable the arresters on a carrier ? Only one of these targets, carrying that size payload needs to get through to each arrester bank (or the catapult). If the carrier cannot retrieve, or, alternatively, launch, its useless.
The fact that someone down voted your comment is prove that some folks are simply ignorant to the realities of the human condition. We as a nation need to prepare for shows like this BEFORE it happens. If not, it will probably be the next Pearl Harbor for the United States.
Frank Harvey 2
Thanks I was also surprised to see it downvoted. Hopefully counter measures to swarm attacks are being, or have been, developed.
Dan Douglas 1
Hopefully? That’s your response?
What other valid response is there? Shall he submit a FOIA query to the Pentagon and see if they have something up their sleeve?
Mark Weiser -5
Ok, so what can us regular folks do with a drone? Very cute, kinda worthless, as was the computer, telephone///My Grandfather used to say the airplane and the Automobile were gimmicks to drive the price of horses down...I know...somebody famous, but who?
racerxx 1
Stop smoking that crack pipe
Mark Weiser 1
Please..lighten up


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