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TSA Finds Gun-Shaped Toilet Paper Holder in Bag at Airport

TSA agents at EWR uncovered a more decorative than deadly item when they checked a passenger’s carry-on. Wouldn't let him carry it on, though, cuz maybe he would use it to hijack the plane. ( More...

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bbabis 2
Considering that guns can be shaped like many other non-dangerous items,(cell phones, pens, key fobs, books, etc,) it makes no sense to be afraid of anything shaped like a gun when it so clearly isn't one. I'm sure that it caused quite a stir and some eagle-eyed TSA agent got a beanie button.
racerxx 3
Now let's try for an actual toilet

aknorris 3
Another fine example of TSA "security theater".

I feel so much safer that a guy couldn't bring a toilet paper holder onto an aircraft. This was almost as bad as the lady who had to give up her leather purse because it had an old-fashioned 6-shooter embroidered on it among other Old West thematic elements (horses, wagons, etc.).
Ken McIntyre 1
Haha! My ex received a desk lamp covered with seashells at the last moment while we were in the Philippines. It was far to delicate to check, so she carried it on. It caused quite a stir in Hong Kong as the lamp was vaguely shaped like a tank round. They could see it wasn't dangerous, but demanded it to be taken out. They sent us on our way with a smile and a wave.

That same trip, at a further checkpoint, my binoculars looked odd on the conveyor. They asked me to take them out, and of course those were ok as well.
Robert Cowling 2
And in Cabo, the monitor for the x-ray machine was turned off! There was nothing showing on their screen as I was watching. They had turned the monitor so far that was hard to see, but it was off! This was a few years ago. I felt so safe after seeing that, YIKES!!!


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