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Snowstorm causes more than 459 delays, 543 cancellations at Denver airport

Air travelers dealt with delays at Denver International Airport Tuesday as snow fell on the metro area for the third day in a row. Inbound flights were delayed at their origin airports for more than three hours, and all flights are having to stop at de-icing pads before takeoff. ( More...

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Mike Mohle 7
Global Warming, er "Climate Change" at work......
James Simms 2
I’m sure there was a “Global Warming/Climate Change” conference cancelled 😜🤪😎😁
Alan Brown 3
Yep! Denver's All Weather airport couldn't keep up with the snow AGAIN!
linbb -3
Well gee guess they could cover it except for the runways would that make you happy? Dumb answer any airport when it snows has to do the same. Weather can slow or shut down ANY airport guess that you don't know much about how they operate.
John D 5
...and its often not the airports, rather the deicing process that slows things down. Some airlines start cancelling flights into airports where snow is forecast before the first snow flake falls.
this is really not a new story..Denver is in the heart of the rockies,has several ski areas around,and anyone who flies in and out of there during the fall and winter should expect occasional snowy conditions and airline the way,no need for "snark" regarding climate change and global warming..the reality is the weather patterns have been and still are changing,causing all kinds of issues from longer , far reaching heat waves,to more serious hurricanes,to stronger thunderstorms and more flooding,and yes, to early "blizzardy"weather...
Mike Mohle 1
You must be a "Climate Scientist" and I suppose man is to blame for all of it?


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