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Four American Airlines Flight Attendants Arrested at Miami International Airport for Money Laundering

Four American Airlines flight attendants were arrested at the Miami International Airport and charged with money laundering after bringing large amounts of cash into the country, police said. ( More...

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bizprop 9
All carrying a large sum of cash under $10,000 each on the same flight. When asked how much he was carrying one of the FA’s lied. Red flag right there! Sounds like a coordinated effort to launder money thinking they would avoid the scrutiny of customs because they are FA’s. They have a lot of explaining to do.
bizprop 4
If they can’t prove the money is legit then they are in big trouble.
Tim Duggan 2
Exactly. These F/As knew that under $10,000 is the limit. This is pre-planned.
Mark Kortum 6
More government overreach. Why should we not be able to do with our money or anyone's money (with their permission) what we want? If the money was illegally gotten, that is another story, but no where in the reporting on this has anyone indicated this was drug money or some other illegal source.
Peter Berner 6
I dont get it. Since the limit is $10,000 per person or family, and no e of them was carrying over that amount, what crime did they commit? The custom declaration form clearly asks “are you carrying more than $10,000”
Like getting stopped for a broken tail light, and having a trunk full of drugs.
Bob McDevitt 3
How do they know how much money you are carrying?
Armchaircouch 2
They knew because they asked, and were lied to: "One Customs and Border Patrol Agent was checking Carlos Alberto Munoz-Moyano, who had arrived on an incoming flight from Chile. The agent asked him how much money he was carrying, and Munoz-Moyano said he had $100, the police report said.
He later changed his statement and said he had $9,000, according to the police report."

Also, "The police report has redacted what the flight attendants admitted to when they were interviewed by a Homeland Security Agent."
paul trubits 3
Sounds like Customs was tipped off.
Any savvy traveler who has used MIA is aware of the horrible security that has been endangering the Country for years now. Many Airline staff members have been involved for a long timme. A BIG tip to staff will get you Special service, as in this case you can easily buy the services of crew members. The BIG problem is that security if badly compromised, the Feds must be involved at some level as they could stop it and don't, periodic news making busts make it seem safe but it is not. I avoid using the airport, period.
Kinda brings back memories of the old days of Eastern Airlines at Miami (except $ instead of coke).
joel wiley 6
$ is nothing to sneeze at.
Rich Connor 1
I see what you did there
Armchaircouch 2
I wonder why they were all carrying many thousands of dollars, I doubt it's a coincidence. Mysterious indeed.
joe milazzo 5
I’m confused......according to US customs declaration form 6059B you only need to report money in excess of $10,000. Seems to me like government overreach or they’re not telling us everything !
scott8733 8
Indeed, allowance is USD $10,000.....however when the flight attendant misses 2 zeros- the ears and eyebrows go up.
Calen Chrzan 3
Also we do not know if each of them used a Customs Declaration Form or the Automated Kiosks.
Calen Chrzan 4
If US Customs considers the 4 FA's to be travelling as a group rather than as individuals then the limit is under $10,000 per group.
joe milazzo 8
Unless they all live under the same roof and are considered family they each have to fill out their own form therefore they are considered individuals.
Calen Chrzan 2
Yes something is missing from the story.
Armchaircouch 2
"One Customs and Border Patrol Agent was checking Carlos Alberto Munoz-Moyano, who had arrived on an incoming flight from Chile. The agent asked him how much money he was carrying, and Munoz-Moyano said he had $100, the police report said.
He later changed his statement and said he had $9,000, according to the police report."

Lie to a border agent, get investigated. Pretty
tasmedic 2
Carrying money is not laundering it.

There must be some other probable cause, some intelligence the Police aren't letting out of the bag.
WhiteKnight77 1
What were they going to use that much money for? Who did they get such money from in Chile?
tasmedic 2
It's a good question, but I'm not sure, from a legal perspective, that the flight crew have to answer it. My understanding of the Law, is that anyone can bring up to $10,000 into the us without declaring it or giving a reason. Hence, I'm pretty sure the Police must have had probable cause before they made the arrests, otherwise their case would founder. Maybe there is a stool pigeon in the flight crew. That's my theory. That would be the best evidence the Police could hope for, and the sort of thing that would make them confident enough to go public at the outset, as they have done.
this is a sad scenario for American airlines, and the thousands who work for them who are honest and above also sounds like some old tv show plots where the flight attendants smuggle drugs back and forth and manage to get through customs as crew members..!international flight attendants are trained in what is acceptable and what is not, as well as customs and tsa procedures,as are ground personnel who work the international flights..these people knew full well what they were question would be,how long have these people been employed as flight attendants,and was their intent from the beginning to do the acts they are accused of..American airlines used to be very strict in their hiring procedures for that position,domestic and international,with background checks etcetera..that was the "old" aa however...
Tim Duggan 2
Very well written, Mary Susan. As far as I know (not from AA, retired from UA as a pilot), Miami is a somewhat senior base for AA. These four F/As are in a heap of trouble.
They need to go to jail, most comments miss the fact that the same crooked behavior could be used for terrorist purposes.
Jesse Carroll 1
Lets see now:
Carlos Alberto Munoz-Moyano
Miaria Delpilar Roman-Strick
Maria Isabel Wilson-Ossandon
Maria Beatriz Pasten-Cuzmar
By my count that
is 16 names so $40K divided by 16 = $2,500 whats the problem?
sharon bias 1
Lots of American's South American flights leave from Miami, not Dallas. Wonder where their flight originated from, and if they regularly flew together. I'd guess they probably got a tip. Lots of things we'll probably never know about this case.
joel wiley 1
More details from Miami Herald which could be the original source:
AA uses foreign national f/a's for "from/to" flights as part of their contract with South American countries. Since this flight originated in Chile, my guess is these f/a's were not our USA/AA f/a's.
Tim Duggan -6
I hate to bring politics in here, but the alleged "wall" (never to be built) is patently useless, as demonstrated by this story.
bobfiegel 10
That depends on the purpose of the wall, doesn't it?
crk112 1
You clearly don’t actually understand the purpose of the wall.
n9341c 0
Has absolutely NOTHING to do with the wall or politics you IDIOT.
Peter Schmid -2
Unless there is a lot more to this story, this appears to be a Witch hunt!
joel wiley 3
There seems to be.

"The arrest report didn’t say Pasten-Cuzmar carried any cash. It did say the other three cast Pasten-Cuzmar as the one who “directed them to transport U.S. currency into the United States and deliver it to a known person.”

That sounds a bit like they were acting as a group conspiring to evade federal law. No religious affiliation was reported so we don't know if any were Wiccans.


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