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Wizz Air Is Becoming Unstoppable

Recently this very author had the pleasure to fly on Wizz across Europe and was struck by just extensive their network seemed to be. Airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet consistently take the spotlight (especially the former with their rather outrageous CEO) but Wizz works hard in the background slowly expanding their routes and their offering. And like all fables, Wizz Air might now be the sleeping dragon that once awake will be totally unstoppable. ( More...

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Pecos Llama 5
"I gotta pee." - Forrest Gump
sparkie624 1
That was my first thought... LOL!
sparkie624 1
Were the Board Of Directors in the Men's room when they decided on a name!
djames225 2
Perhaps they were in the men's room after watching Airplane "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines"- Steve McCroskey
"The definition of WIZZ is "Amphetamines, speed" or "Urinate, piss""

Or they had the same paint shop apply the stenciling that did Cathay Paciic, who didn't give an "F", except these guys don't give a "H"


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