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EU opens probe into Boeing tie-ups with Brazil's Embraer

The EU said Friday it had opened an "in-depth investigation" into plans by US aviation giant Boeing to form joint ventures with the world's number three planemaker, Brazil's Embraer, citing competition concerns. The European Commission is "concerned that the proposed transaction may remove Embraer as the third largest global competitor in the already highly concentrated commercial aircraft industry," it said in a statement. The move by European competition… ( More...

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william baker 5
But yet Airbus can take over Bombardiers C100-200 program and theres not competition concerns there?????
djames225 5
They took a 51% stake in a minor part of Bombardier, the CS series, not almost the whole dang company. Boeing is taking all Embraer's commercial aircraft line as well as the yeah..taking Embraer out of the picture makes Boeing stronger
linbb -5
So what EU is a joke they take care of there own with there publics money. Its not that way with Boeing not the same deal.
djames225 5
You don't think the US takes care of it's own??? Yes it IS that way with Boeing and WTO has ruled against them a few times in the past, much the same way they ruled against Bombardier and Airbus in the past. At 1 point Boeing were found in direct violation of a ruling. This WTO ruling against the EU has been a long time in the making, it did not just crop up overnight.
Leo Aubry -2
No Boeing is lawbeying to tax the daylight out of a plane that is not even competition.
s2v8377 1
Why is Boeing's and Embraer's tie-up hurting the EU's feelings when it's okay for Airbus to purchase the C-Series (A220) program from Bombardier?

Don Quixote -1
Boo hoo, EU. Take a hike and do another strike.
indy2001 -2
European political crap, plain and simple. If the folks in the UK must deal with this kind of garbage, it makes the Brexit vote more understandable. If the EU demagogues rule against Boeing, I wouldn't be surprised to see an investigation of Airbus' takeover of Bombardier last year. From what I understand there is nothing to stop the US Justice Dept. from refusing to recognize the union in the future and assess heavy penalties against US airlines that buy former Bombardier products. Childish quid pro quo is apparently the name of the game in international business and politics these days.
djames225 8
So the WTO slaps EU with tariff's, agreed upon, and brought up by the US government, but if the EU seeks an investigation, it's unfair European political crap? But the US, and Boeing for that matter, can rant and throw a tantrum about Airbus and the EU, win part of it, and the EU is just suppose to stand there and accept it?'s political crap ON both sides of the pond! Airbus did not take over Bombardier, like Boeing is literally taking Embraer, they took a 51% stake in a subsidiary, CS Series!
There is a whole lot stopping the US DOJ from penalizing Mitsubishi or Viking Air!


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