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(Video) 737-200 Combi / Gravel Strip

An interesting video about a 737-200Combi with Gravel protection that flyies from Montreal to a Gold Mine in the Arctic. With all the talk of Automation.. it is an interesting watch as ONLY automation they use is nav and ALT hold - no A/T, level change... all manual flying. Looks like a blast. ( More...

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Frank Harvey 1
Its interesting that they can stuff 58 pax (11,600 lbs ?) all the way in the rear of an otherwise empty a/c and not worry about the cofg.
sailingeric 2
There was a big concrete block at about 3:40. I suspect used for balance
Roger Anderson 1
Yup. Down to the end they explain it as well. Helps to prevent tipping over and keeps the center of gravity in check.
canuck44 1
They will have to shift cargo to starboard to balance the cockpit weight.
Roger Anderson 1
So rude lol


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