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Ryanair 'systems failure' with planes grounded and passengers unable to check in

The budget airline is reportedly suffering major issues with dozens of complaints about passengers being unable to check in online - and then being charged £55 ( More...

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Frank Austin 2
It is not just them. I flew business class on British Airways in June an could not check-in online and had one of the worst flights ever after paying extra for business class.

In online question after the flight someone asked where on the plane was the best business class seat. I said Air France. This was my last British Airways flight.
Tommy Boy 1
Isn't it ironic? Ryanair refuses to pay Boeing for what it has failed to deliver, then turns around and charges their customers 55 lbs for the services THEY failed to deliver! When one flies on any Cheapo Airline, they have to be willing to be treated like dirt.


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