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House panel asks Boeing CEO to testify Oct 30 on 737 MAX

The U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee formally asked Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg on Tuesday to testify on the now grounded 737 MAX that has been involved in two deadly crashes since October 2018 that killed 346 people. ( More...

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Roy Troughton 9
Just another opportunity for political grand standing by the members of the Committee. All window dressing to give the illusion they are doing something.
indy2001 6
I totally agree. The US House has become the home of meaningless political theater recently.
Frank Austin 2
You can include the white house in that statement.
Chris B 3
With apologies to "A few good men"

"You want answers?"
"We want the truth!"
"You can't handle the truth because deep down I have lobbyists working to prevent you from getting to the truth"
linbb -2
Who is that the pilots union? As both didn't have qualified pilots on board proving by there actions.
Your fact basis?
bentwing60 1
The fact that here and virtually every other site that had participation from old school professional pilots pointed the finger at the crew each time cause a sorta seasoned 3'rd world captain was paired with an absolute neophyte after the automation failed and they didn't KNOW or remember how to do the old stuff. They both hit the surface at over 400 knts. The water seemed as unforgiving as the dirt. That is the elephant in the room with little disclosed official acknowledgement. They were along for the ride after flaps up. That's when MCAS was enabled and would have been disabled if they had had time or the presence of mind to engage the autopilot in any mode. But, throttles idle seems a missed imperative. PC don't count if you are part of the accident report. History, not a mystery.

As for the squawk, do you think anyone on that esteemed panel could fly a Max, or even close the door.
djames225 2
I wonder how many of these pilots actually read the FAA/Ethiopian preliminary report, or fly the aircraft, which Boeing itself said "cannot be flown", in high altitude, hot locations or combo of both? No one that I know of, isn't placing some of the blame on the pilots, but at same time, they are placing a lot of blame on Boeing for not having proper redundancy, failing to insure every aircraft was equipped with all proper instrumentation (not this "oh it was an option BS") amongst a few other things. The more I re-read that prelim report, which was based on CVR, ATC and FDR the more I wonder WTH else was going on. Why did autopilot disengage, why not only AoA was skwed left to right but other values as well, WTH did the anti-ice master caution blare out a number of times, why stab-trim cutout switches did not completely disengage MCAS from the system instead of just electric motor cutoff?
bentwing60 1
rw, we have had a discussion or two. I think you were on the thread on which someone in this conversation is still at the top of the thread and, called out the soy boy chicago management in no uncertain terms. It should come as no surprise that, having been raised, schooled,and flown professionally out of the DFW area, I know a guy or two with my senority # (retired) or knockin on the door at SWA. I flew freight in the early days and that is where a considerable # of SWA new hires came from. The rest were ex-military or could afford a 737 type some other way. You couldn't get in the door without one back then and lots of the guys that were applying then for air carrier careers thought Herb was nuts. And AA was the place to be. The Irony!

Most flew the max. or know some that did and to a man the response to how could these accidents have been survivable is throttles idle. Available to either pilot, yet not effected. That is clearly a part of the training angle in the undertow of the PC Boeing bashing that has oddly enough escaped AB despite LOC accidents that are both more numerous and with greater loss of life. Due to whatever, make up somethin anybody, but when a bus goes into alternate law very few ab-initios will have a clue and the guy in the left seat couldn't figure it out either. AF447. Not a third world airline or crew, but certainly a crew whose performance didn't deliver on the credentials. They had better perfect the airplanes, cause they will never perfect the folks in the front seats.
djames225 1
It's not fine for us to stand on the sidelines and tell a now deceased crew how they should have flown the plane, when we were in neither seat. Have they actually read and re-read the prelim report? As I stated, there seemed much more going on than just a MCAS foul up. One of the things they taught us flying wings is if nose dips apply a bit of power to help ease her up. I think all of us should desist the should have, could have, or did happen on those 2 flights, because they are no longer around and we were not in the seat. I read the report on Ethiopian flight, re-read the report and still shake a whole fist at Boeing. I know a number of other airline pilots, who, yes, are wagging their finger at the crews, but are also calling out Boeing for it's shear stupidity. And what else they agreed on, if MCAS was not on board those 2 flights, those crews would probably still be here. Not enough training, probably, but again, we were not in those seats. I say start taking the damn "automatics" out of flying a craft, and fly the damn thing. If I feel nose drop, I dont need some damn computer to fly me.
BTW, not all these pilots I referred to, are based in western hemisphere either, and have had scares flying this thing in the extreme heat...and yes they have more than enough hours in their decades of flying.
ADXbear 1
The proof and only truth is for the pilots unions to test fly and put their stamp of approval on that airplane.. without there approval its no go for this family..
Don Quixote 1
This would be the most pointless thing ever. No need to politicize the 737 MAX, just like they do to everything else. Which ends in disaster, always.
Harold Burton 1
Need to remove cameras from hearing rooms so the idiots we send there can no longer grandstand for reelection. Hearings would not only be much shorter but would probably disappear
linbb -1
Thanks MH for more dumb posts troll on.
Dave Cooke 0
Dem committees have no time for real issues.


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