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Fake hostage situation at Daytona airport had red flags, sheriff says

A man supposedly calling from the lobby of the Daytona Beach International Airport threatened to kill three British Airways flight attendants Monday. Problem: BA doesn't fly to Daytona Beach, and the airport wasn't open when he called anyway. The FBI is investigating. ( More...

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btweston 1
So basically the Sheriff just told everyone how to get a police response at an airport.

“This guy is an idiot. He should have done it this way. What a jerk.”

Florida, man.
I love the quote from the Sheriff about ripping the guys tongue out of his mouth. I know a few podcasts that will have a field day with this story between the idiot caller and Sheriff Chitwoods comments.
So, I'm at a loss trying to figure out why someone would do this. For kicks? For fun? For stupidity? The airport was 'swat'ed?

At some level this is funny, I suppose, but...
The BA part is funny :)


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