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Amazon May Have Airline Troubles Over the Holidays

Christmas might not be so merry for (NASDAQ:AMZN) this year. Although it's expecting another record holiday season, with some analysts predicting it will account for 45% of all e-commerce sales, there is pressure building up behind its delivery operations that could force it to the breaking point. ( More...

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Ron Goes 0
Amazon claims that the union claims are factually inacurate yet the article itself contains many factual errors that they probably got from the other side of the table, negating the Amazon claim of factual accuracy. Settle with the pilots.
Jim Myers 2
An error on one side does not negate an error on the other side. As for the spurious claim of "many factual errors that they probably got from the other side of the table" all I can say is put up or shut - prove it with independently verifiable facts or let the world know that you just spew meaningless words.


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