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All 9 aboard medical evac plane killed in Philippines crash

All nine people on board a small medical evacuation plane were killed Sunday when the aircraft crashed into a resort area south of the Philippine capital and exploded in flames, officials said. The light plane crashed into a resort compound in Pansol village in Laguna province near the foothills of Mount Makiling. Police and rescuers retrieved nine bodies from the wreckage, police said. Two people on the ground were injured and brought to a hospital. Eric Apolonio, a spokesman of the Civil… ( More...

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linbb -3
Light plane? doubt it with 9 aboard it but its your western as didn't see that in what was reported.
James Steiner 1
When I had posted the article, the aircraft type had not yet been specified
linbb -3
In your haste to post you left out its not a light AC it was a Kind Air 350 for one, the other is it was having engine problems when it was videoed with smoke trailing. Take a little time in your haste to post might be a better post much like your others today troll.
ffrcobra1 1
The video I saw looked more like wing tip vortices then it did smoke. Looked to be closer to the wing tip than to the fuselage. Seemed to dissipate too quickly to be smoke. I could see full aileron deflection trying to arrest the roll to inverted causing condensation of wing tip vortices in humid conditions.


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