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Air Force F-16 fighter jet from 1980 for sale in Florida

You don't see this every day. Palm Beach, Fla.-based Jet Lease has listed a 1980 F-16 A/B Fighting Falcon for sale — and the rare offer made waves online. The 1980 multirole fighter jet, which has an $8.5 million price tag, is being offered alongside two other F-16 Vipers, according to The Drive, an automotive website that also writes about defense topics. This is not your average “used” fighter jet — the plane is a fully functioning combat aircraft and not demilitarized. ( More...

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Even if they could strip the weapons and make it legal for civilian flight, you couldn't go supersonic over land so that would kind of stink though.
Torsten Hoff 2
I'm tempted to start a GoFundMe. :)
william baker -1
Just don't let Commander Rabb near it.


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