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Southwest's Late Flights Are Starting to Stack Up

The Department of Transportation has released the latest Air Travel Consumer Report and once again, Southwest (LUV) is sitting near the bottom when it comes to on-time performance. The airline is coasting on its reputation right now, but it needs to get its numbers up quickly before people start realizing that the reality of flying Southwest isn’t living up to its image. ( More...

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Jane Ford 0
As a past employee of SWA (11-1/2 years), I can say that I knew this would happen eventually as they branched out into more of the Northeast corridor, given the severe weather conditions on the East coast. Doesn't surprise me, therefore, that they're just not keeping the pace with the legacy carriers, even though they are "wanna-be"'s. They'll never be a legacy carrier, no matter how big they get. That's why I left them-- they want perfection in everything and boy they just didn't cut it this time, did they? I am now with a legacy carrier and loving every minute of it, versus the "perfect" mantra of SWA that they can't live up to!


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