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Are You a Takeoffs or Landings Person?

Whether you prefer the thrill of beginning a journey, or the satisfaction of completing one, may have something to do with age. ( More...

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Larry White 4
50% take-off,25% cruising and 25% landings. Love the whine of those JT turbines on the Mad-dogs as I always pick a rear coach seat(more room and can chat with the FAs @ their discretion). And especially during a 'power-back'(no longer authorized, @ A/A anyway) it's music to my ears and the cruising lulls me to sleep after a coffee w/Bailey's,,mmmm. P.S.never cared for the U.S.A.F. C-130 Hercules, slow climb, noisy, cold, but the C-141 Star-lifter(?) ,that is 1 sweet bird,,so quiet and fast, 8hrs+ from Tachikawa A.F.B.,Japan to Travis A.F.B., Calif. 1966. ,
william baker 1
Power backs or pushbacks with reverse thrust have been out of FAA protocol since i believe the late 1980’s. Someone please send me the faa procedure for it thou.


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