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Airbus Says It Must Slash A350 Costs to Win Wide-Body Price War

Airbus SE is looking to cut manufacturing costs for wide-body jets including its latest A350 model as competition with Boeing Co. forces down prices and weighs on margins. A review of the company’s jetliner plants is geared toward identifying inefficiencies and legacy industrial quirks, Michael Schöllhorn, the chief operating officer at the commercial-plane arm, who is leading the study, said in an interview. ( More...

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djames225 4
A: Boeing landed a landmark deal with IAG B: It can be also pointed out how Boeing has also been getting financial help through the years. C: I don't know MH370 but from what others have said about his dislike for Boeing, are you sure you are not his disgruntled brother and dislike anything to do with Airbus??
PS..some of your "anti Boeing bunch" know exactly how aircraft are made and serviced!!!
Relics 5
He’s a troll, don’t waste your time responding to him.
william baker 5
I second that.


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