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UAL 378 in Omaha with a fuel leak...

UAL 378, operating LAX-EWR, diverted to OMA with a fuel leak. Appears to be N58101, a 752. Plane landed safely 21:19 CDT but can't get the fuel to stop leaking from the left side. They shut off both engines and the APU with no effect. Captain is opening the doors because the fumes are very strong throughout the plane. Indication is that they are going to bus people to the terminal. UAL Omaha ops has already closed for the evening. ( More...

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Jim DeTour 1
Some aircraft had a problem where a bolt coming loose on the slats that retract back into the wings would gouge the fuel tanks that are in close proximity. Not good when the fuel can then run inside the wing to the wing root which is pretty much the center of the plane.
Thanks for this. Just posted the entire clip to the LiveATC forums so I'm pretty sure that one of the Youtubers that posts this will have a clip up for this shortly.
william baker 2
Just leave it to vasaviation. He seems to be pretty fast at posting this kinda of stuff to youtube.
Exactly who I was thinking of. That's why I left the clip over at LiveATC for them. Having listened to the unedited clip, there's some really good stuff in there.


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