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Captain Sullenberger tells Congress, Boeing 737 Max crashes "should never have happened"

"These crashes are demonstrable evidence that our current system of aircraft design and certification has failed us. These accidents should never have happened," ( More...

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Cansojr 3
When one of the finest aviators in your country States that the crashes should NEVER have happened. This coming from an expert who flew AVIATE NAVIGATE AND COMMUNICATE. That's why he and a lot of others were saved by crew management looking the whole time for an out, an options he just flew the aircraft like the the end. He implies that there are problems with the MAX 8 and it shouldn't crash. From the expert.
James Grant 1
More prof that the FAA must do the studies and certification totally separate from the plane's designers and builders.
patrick baker 1
lets be careful about annointing sullengerger with infalliability, for that would be wrong. He does possess the safety conciousness lacking from boeing, but it was never the designers or executives ass on the line with the bucking bronco 737 max as it was with Lion Air and Ethiopian Air, and the other owners of several hundred flying defectives, the Max 737, as well as the unsuspecting passengers.I have known about the FAA for years as defective , disfunctional, and policy-rigid. Some changes must be made, for can we, the flying public, really have confidence in either Boeing or the FAA? not I....Not now....
Cansojr 1
We would do well to listen to "Sully". He has left the Captains chair to start a new business on flight safety consulting. I am not elevating him to a Deity. He is smart and we should pay attention to this man who saved more than 150 people.
Jerry W 1
From outside the USA the FAA looks like a busted flush. No interest in air safety, if it damages US interests...


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