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PAS19: Airbus Owns Day One, Boeing Hides Under Its Shadow

Day one at Le Bourget came to an end with a much-predicted sales performance by Airbus and a very slow and depressing act by Boeing. Here’s a quick recap of today’s Paris Air Show 2019: ( More...

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I don't believe that any newly developed aircraft has ever emerged as an absolutely perfect product. To be sure, Boeing erred terribly here, and I believe that there should be appropriate sanctions. BUT... in the end Boeing has and will always have a great reputation and produces innovative and high quality aircraft. Remember the DC-10 or was it the MD-11 that had cargo doors flying open? Didn't one or two lose engines (i.e. they fell off!)? Past history. Plenty of MD-11's still in the air albeit most are cargo. But these have to be as safe as possible regardless of what or who is flying aboard.

In the end, Boeing and the Max will be fine.
Dwight Hartje 2
Another thought about this and the Boeing response. I am not exonerating Boeing for their failures. But trying to point out that they'll recover and once again replaim their status as a preeminent manufacturer. This said, I am surprised that the CEOs and other managers have not been asked to step down or done so voluntarily. They did make huge errors (or committed deceit). This reminds me of Go Fever that affected NASA during the race to the moon that led to the Apollo 1 fire. Problems were corrected and we know the rest. Unfortunately over time, this condition returned leading to the creation of the Shuttle with its many compromised design features, and of course ultimately to the Challenger disaster. Human nature unfortunately.
Bruce Knight 3
I think Boeing “owns” the large aircraft market- Airbus seem to be chasing the design of the 777 and 787 families and not catching up well. But the situation appears to be reversed in the single-aisle market. Neither AB nor Boeing have come out with a clean sheet replacement for their single-aisle products, but have attempted to enhance the older frames- and maybe the 40? year-old design of the 737 wing with it’s limitations on gear length and therefore engine fan diameter has been pushed too far. I would hope that Boeing do a clean-sheet the next time that a new model comes out, whether it be in response to AB or the airlines. I only hope for Boeing that customers (both airlines and the flying public) can have their confidence restored in the MAX once they take to the air again.
Pat Tolaj 5
As much as I prefer Airbus over Boeing, I'm still a huge fan of Boeing and it's sad to see this. But then again, how bad should one feel for a company that has nobody to blame but itself?
MSU Sparty 6
I don't think Boeing is hiding. They have several issues and have held multiple press meetings dealing with those.A bit of Euro click bait I believe.
Dwight Hartje 1
Boeing is not going to do very well at this airshow for sure. Farmburo is really more of Boeing's show anyway, and with the MAX issue still in the air I would be surprised if the MAX gets even one order.
There are groups that will still order from Boeing, and for a number of reasons. For political, or economic issues, Boeing isn't out yet.

But imagine the sale price of a 737 now. I'm sure they will be offering incredible deals to get the process moving again. I'm sure many carriers will want to save money and deal with Boeing again. UNLESS this happens again, or with an American carrier, or with a plane load of soldiers. Stay tuned...
Chris B 4
The Max or whatever it gets renamed to will be cleansed of this Boeing induced error. Ordering now is a smart move to reserve production line position.
FAwareM 0
Perhaps the "shadow" that Boeing was hiding under by the massive amount of money (US $24 billion) with which IAG's (British Airways) latest order for the 737 Max cast upon them. Of course, true to form, Airbus, being the EU-protected socialist entity it is, is already fighting tooth-and-nail to find a way to prevent such a free-market transaction from taking place.
George Gould -2
If its a Boeing we aint going!


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