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Virgin Atlantic to add 14 Airbus A330-900

Virgin Atlantic adds 14 Airbus Airbus A330-900s to its fleet. The British carrier ordered eight of them directly from Airbus. The remaining six A330-900 will be delivered by the American lease company, ALC. The A330-900s will be delivered between 2021 and 2024. Virgin did not reveal the cabin configuration that the aircraft will receive. The Airbus A330-900s of the Virgin Atlantic are intended to replace older generation A330s in its fleet. The British airline is in the process of a… ( More...

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Stuart Fountain 1
Is Virgin actually a British airline, its principle owners are American and European.
James Steiner 2
V. Atlantic yes, it is British Americans can only have up to a 49% non-voting stake in the company. Virgin America which was absorbed in Alaska Airlines was American, and Sir Richard could only have up to a 49% stake non-voting.
Stuart Fountain 1
But Branson only has 20%, is non-domesticated and although the airline might be registered n the UK Branson's corporate HQ is in Switzerland. Time he handed back his knighthood!


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