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Passenger mistakes exit door for toilet on PIA flight

A woman, aboard a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight, sparked panic on Saturday after she mistakenly opened the emergency exit door thinking it was the toilet. The national flag carrier’s plane was on the runway at the Manchester Airport when she pressed the button, opening the emergency exit door. Consequently, aircraft’s airbag chute opened and 37 passengers had to be off-loaded from the aircraft, Express News reported. The Islamabad-bound PK-702 flight, which was about to take-off… ( More...

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Highflyer1950 4
More important, where was the bloody cabin crew if in fact the aircraft was on the runway? Sometimes I’m in favor of the “Disney” rides’ way of doing things......drop the lock bar and you don’t get to move unless we say you can move.
william baker 2
37 Passangers on a 777. Seems a Little less then full capacity.
linbb 1
Third world airline who would want to be on it or many others as most have pilots that would have trouble flying a Cessna as they don't have computers in them.


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