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Reports say 737 Max wont return to the air until Christmas 2019-

Seoul, Korea - Emirates' boss Tim Clark thinks the Boeing 737 MAX won't be able to return to service before the year-end due to disagreement between the FAA and other civil aviation regulators. Emirates president believes the 737 MAX's worldwide grounding will last longer than expected. According to Clark, the plane won't return to service in July as Boeing predicts. “You’re going to have a bit of a delay in terms of regulators, Canada, Europe, China. It’s going to take time… ( More...

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Randy Marco 2
The REAL fix is to retrofit ALL the MAX's with Next Gen engines, the MAX is obviously inherently dangerous as proved by the necessity for MCAS!
Murray Beard 2
Not flying on one. Boeing is outside of my Circle of Trust on this aircraft.
Peter Nguyen 2
Beats Airbus.
Thomas Frisch 1
Murray B,
Please explain in plain English what you mean.
Murray Beard 1
Boeing was extremely arrogant throughout this process, they have gamed the FAA system of approval, and their arrogance vs pilots who have to fly the plane has been staggering. Bluntly, they have lied a lot to the FAA, pilots, and the public. That is entirely my opinion. If yours is different, we can disagree.

The latest is the info about other potentially defective parts in the wing that would not happen if Boeing had followed the KISS method of design on things like bolts and washers.

I’m not a pilot, nor an aviation engineer, so I claim no special expertise. My company does make surgical implants and we deal with the FDA and their analogs around the world and I understand having to navigate regulatory agencies and making products that if done incorrectly can cause injury or death to others.
houseofgold 1
Tim Clark works for Emirates, and may not necessarily be in on the inner workings of the MAX There are plenty of other Industries that should have this attention but dont. Much, not all, of this is Media Banter looking for a story or headline
sparkie624 1
WOW... Did not figure it would be that far out... Hope they beat that schedule.
Allan Bowman 0
Rename the aircraft the Boeing smax or splats.
Tim Hollars 0
This is a case of I will probably never get on one. JS tat my trust in this plane is completely destroyed and nothing can bring it back.
Thomas Frisch 0
Thanks for your response, Murray, but what I was looking for was confirmation of my interpretation of your rather cryptic post. I believe you meant to say you do not intend to fly on the Boeing Max and that you do not trust Boeing on this aircraft. Am I right?
I fully agree with you that Boeing's handling of this matter has been a disaster but in view of their size, power and influence, Boeing will most likely get away with little more than a slap on the wrist. Still, we must fervently hope Boeing has learnt a lesson but at a cost of 346 lives.
milehighou -1
Just scrap this this damn plane and start over. Too many problems, and software ain't gonna fix them all.
Peter Nguyen -1
Cancel the plane. Focus on 787s. That's where the future of commercial, energy-wise flight lies.

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Jim Myers 10
Even BOEING says the 737 Max is NOT READY TO FLY YET. I guess you know more about than they do?
Murray Beard 3
Too many lies already disclosed. I don’t like to deal with liars. I wish every bit of success for Boeing...they are critical to our national defense. But management’s arrogance with this is beyond the pale. I work in an industry that is at least and probably more regulated than building aircraft, and I would have already been fired and facing prosecution for what Boeing top management has done.


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