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Lufthansa says goodbye to its very first Airbus A320

Hamburg, Germany - German flag carrier Lufthansa says goodbye to its very first Airbus A320 after 30 years of service. The aircraft, with registration D-AIPA, passed its entire service years with the German airline operator and made a special farewell flight over the Airbus factory in Hamburg. Lufthansa was one of the first customers for the Airbus A320 and received the first copy (D-AIPA) on October 16, 1989. The aircraft was deployed on European routes since then and achieved a remarkable… (airlinerwatch.com) More...

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LethalThreat 6
At least put it in a museum or something. Since it was one of the first A320’s and a first for Lufthansa it should be a little more significant. Too bad she’s going to be thrown away to be forgotten.
djames225 4
I agree..Why not send it to Technik Museum in Speyer, instead of demoing it? First A320 and that many flight hours.
Kobe Hunte 5
I know. Thirty years and 85000 flight hours is something to be proud of..
Reg Jardine 3
Maybe a rescue plane for Red Cross or another organization. As a flight hospital


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