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Delta Flight Attendants Seeking Class-Action Lawsuit Over New Uniforms

It's only been a year since Delta Air Lines rolled out new uniforms for some 64,000 employees but complaints of skin rashes, headaches, fatigue and other health issues have prompted a pair of flight attendants to file a proposed class-action lawsuit over the "Passport Plum" garments. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the suit was filed against uniform maker Lands’ End in U.S. District Court in New York on Wednesday but does not name Delta as a defendant. ( More...

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sharon bias 1
Just like some people are allergic to peanuts, some folks are allergic to chemicals in clothing. It's too bad that the flight attendants don't feel comfortable bringing this to managements attention and it's too bad that management doesn't offer the uniforms in alternative fabrics. Since this seems to be a problem just with Delta's fabric, why not ask American and United for a white swath of their uniform fabric? No trade secrets there. If no problems with the fabrics, find out what was used to treat the fabric. That can't be a trade secret. A lawsuit won't solve the problem. A change in the uniform fabric will solve the problem. Put the money toward solving the problem.


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